Ray & Lee Cenaiko, European and New Zealand trained hair stylists



  • Have you ever had an uneasy feeling when you sat in a stylist’s chair?
  • Does fear of a potential disaster keep you stuck with a hairstyle you aren’t really happy with?

Some people think they simply have “problem hair” and are destined to be unhappy with what they see in the mirror.  A hairstyle is meant to frame your face. Maybe you are just one of those people who has never had a hairstyle that compliments your face and lifestyle.

At Zebedeez, we understand. We see people everyday who have been struggling with feelings of apprehension because of bad hair experiences. Long before a pair of scissors comes anywhere near your hair, we take care of the most important detail; we listen.

We are Ray and Lee Cenaiko – the husband and wife team at Zebedeez International. We invite you to visit the Testimonials page of this website – word-of-mouth is our best customer. Stop by anytime for a free consultation. We are approachable and willing to take the time you need in order to feel comfortable.

Call us at 403-556-2701 or contact us for further information.

Lee Cenaiko