Styling (Men's & Ladies’)

We don’t just consider your hair; we consider you and your lifestyle.


Women’s Styles

  • Have you ever been upset by a bad hair experience?
  • Do you have fine hair?
  • Have you been dependant on waves or perms to bring body to your hair?

At Zebedee’z we work with every kind of hair – fine hair and “arctic blond” are no problem. We can help you come up with something new and creative or give you something quite conservative yet very attractive. We don’t just consider your hair; we consider you and your lifestyle. Hair is meant to frame your face and compliment you.

Our greatest joy is when a woman comes in looking for a haircut and a body wave and cancels the wave because we have built so much body into her hair through our technique. This “thicker hair” effect is the result of cutting angles into the hair. While there are a percentage of people who do need some kind of a perm to create a particular look, many women don’t really want a perm they just haven’t known any other options.

Women’s Styles

Men’s Styling

  • Are you in a career that requires more than a generic barbershop haircut?
  • Do you want to come away with a style that looks natural, but attractive?
  • Are you concerned about thinning hair?

We are here to help.

At Zebedee’z we want to provide you with the style that is right for you. Whether you are interested in more of a conservative business cut or an expressive creative style, we are committed to helping you look your best.

More and more men are getting highlights and colour. Though these techniques are traditionally associated with women’s styles, there are a variety of products available today specifically for men. We also carry products which allow partial grey for a more natural look.

The mark of a good haircut is for your hair not to look like you just got it cut!

You are welcome to stop by Zebedee’z anytime for a free consultation. Call us at 403 507 4949 or contact us for further information.

  • Free neck tidy-ups and bang trims for our regular customers!
Men’s Styling