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Fine Hair

  • Is your fine or thinning hair a frustration for you?
  • Do you wish there was a stylist who specialized in fine hair?
  • Are you discouraged by stylists who don’t know what to do with your fine hair?
  • Do you keep going to stylist after stylist looking for satisfaction?
  • Are you sick of having to rely on perms?


Fine Hair Fabulous!

In the heart of the Calgary-Edmonton corridor, there is a specialist in the art of fine hair. At Zebedeez hair salon in Olds, Alberta, we feel your pain – really. Ray Cenaiko has spent his career perfecting the art of helping people with fine hair and he has grown to be an expert.

Marrying into a family of fine-haired individuals started the ball rolling. His wife, his mother-in-law and each of his six children all have fine hair. International training which exposed him to a variety of fine hair cutting techniques, as well as his own expanding experience with fine hair has resulted in a unique specialization. Ray has developed his own proprietary angle-cutting technique specifically designed to bring out the hidden body in fine hair.

Caring & Competent

At Zebedeez Hair Salon you will find more than competent hair stylists. The husband and wife team of Ray and Lee Cenaiko care about people. They take the time to listen to what you want and what your lifestyle requirements are. They won’t try to sell you on products you don’t need or promise results that aren’t attainable. They are committed to working with you to help bring new life to your fine hair.

Don’t consign yourself to a life of perms if that isn’t what you want.

Don’t give up on your fine hair.

Why not visit Ray Cenaiko, the fine hair specialist to see if he can help you?  Consultations are free.

For further information Contact Zebedeez International Hair Salon in Olds, Alberta.

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Fine Hair